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grrrlxafraid said: Thank you so much! I'll probably try red c: and thanks for uploading those pictures too! Only one thing, if I dyed it red, would I have to bleach it first? And do you have any tips for maintaining it? Thanks hun x

No problem!!

Hmm, I believe you said you have light hair, so you shouldn’t have to. Also I bleached my hair to dye it red and it turned pink, so it should be fine going over your regular hair. Maintaining it: wash in cold water, avoid styling cremes such as mouse because that strips out colour faster. It’s a 10 shampoo and conditioner line are good for coloured hair, if that’s not in budget and shampoo without sulfate even if it says sulfate free check the ingredients some still have sulfate in them. It’s still going to fade even if you maintain it properly since red is a pain in the booty so just be sure to refresh your hair once in a while and deeeeeep condition the crap out of it so it doesn’t get too damaged from the dye.

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